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Friday, November 17, 2017

About The Geeky Dewd

An avid problem-solver, the best times in the geekydewd’s career usually began with his company saying, “We have a problem. Can you be on the next plane?” After 40 years designing, building, and testing high-performance, world-wide systems and systems of systems, the geekydewd is semi-retired and available world-wide as a lead or consultant for projects lasting up to one year.

He is a highly adaptable engineer with a track record of significant contributions to programs through solving difficult cross-disciplinary engineering challenges.  Expert in analysis of end-to-end performance and scalability in time-critical, world-wide distributed systems of systems

  • Outstanding troubleshooter in integration, test, and verification
  • Outstanding analytic skills including trade studies and performance analysis
  • Full range of system engineering and software development knowledge including: requirements, modeling and simulation, risk management, integration, and test
  • Excellent problem solving, interpersonal, and communication skills